27 Jan The Time In Between

For years there has been really good buzz about the book, THE TIME IN BETWEEN by Maria Duenas. If you are in the mood for a little heavier read, with historic and social issues, this book will not disappoint. It is a runaway hit in Europe. And now a TV series you can watch on Netflix.


I heartily recommend reading the book before watching the show. The English translation retains the beautiful prose and  richly textured descriptions of war torn European and exotic African worlds at a crucial time in history.

In a time of unrest and civil war in Spain, the life of a young Spanish seamstress, Sira, shatters when the man she loves betrays her. Abandoned in Morocco, she is determined to pull her crumbling life back together. She finds herself sewing and designing couture clothing for the wives of powerful and influential men.

The political intrigues and power plays in Europe as Franco and Hitler rise to power leave no one untouched- including innocent, grieving, Sira, who at first becomes an unwitting participant in espionage as a means of survival. Over time and circumstances Sira becomes a practiced spy and a woman of the world.

The Time In Between is extremely well written. The deep research that must have gone into this historical novel is evident. Duenas does an impressive job transporting you in time in way that breathes life into history.The characters are interesting and many are actual figures from this time period.  I always enojoy stories where the protagonist changes and grows. In this story there is a huge difference in Sira from the naive, trembling abandoned girl at the beginning and the savvy, confident woman of strength at the end.

A satisfying read.

Jo Schaffer
  • Kathleen Seable
    Posted at 21:39h, 28 January Reply

    I watched this series on Netflix a few months ago and truly enjoyed it. The English translation of the title misses the play on words related to sewing: Time Between the “costuras” Seams.

    • Jo Schaffer
      Posted at 21:57h, 28 January Reply

      I am just starting the series now. I’m really liking it so far. =)

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