01 Feb This Raging Light

When I have time to read for fun, I’m so pleased when I finish a book and feel as if the time was well spent. As much as I enjoy YA novels, many leave me unimpressed or with a yawning sense of deja vu. But now and then, one will stand out. This Raging Light, shines.

After her dad went crazy, seventeen-year-old Lucille’s mom left town. Bills stack up, the house falls apart, and it becomes obvious her mother isn’t coming back. Lucille is left to take care of her little sister, Wren, and somehow finish high school.

Life sucks. The timing couldn’t be worse to fall in love with Digby Jones, her best friend Eden’s brother. Complications escalate when Lucille gets a job, Eden stops talking to her, Wren has a breakdown and a mysterious home invader stocks their empty kitchen with food.
Estelle Laure’s debut novel, explores vulnerability with heartbreaking honesty as Lucille struggles to navigate the adult world she is thrust into. Shining a light on the tragedy of lost innocence, the book will keep you turning pages for its flashes of hope in the darkness.

Jo Schaffer
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